Sunday, March 14, 2010

gime a break!

finallllly, the long awaited spring break has arrived! :D:D:D
Plan sepanjang spring break? SIAPKAN HOMEWORK. haha. yang penting niat tu ada. ;p
Lepas tu, nakkk............ TIDUR PUAS2 and and and, dah shopping makanan dengan sangat banyak. uishhh.
Em... Nak baca2, lukis2, tulis2, taip2.
Oh yeah, I hate heart java
Tiba2 jek. haha :))

Fawzi come back!! WE LOVE YOU.. haha

So so so, I'm hoping that something good (even the slightest thing) would happen everyday, so macam... rasa syoooook je sepanjang spring break ni. :D

AISHAH, taniah. I'm proud of you. :)

And, i dunno but just feel like writing this down. When I get married, I promise I'll try t obe the same old kakak. Even ada orang +++ in my life, korang are the best siblings ever ! Money can't show how much I heartss you guys. I have too many love and too little money . haha

-rambles end-

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eycapiq said...

hehe thankyou kakak ku cyg ;p
money will never be more than love, for sure. haha ;D