Sunday, January 24, 2010

tak sabar.

tak sabarnya nak balik...
tak sabar nak lepak rumah abang ngan kak amalina seminggu,
nak tengok 2 anak sedara pertama
tak sabar nak tengok TV3
nak jumpa juni... and nak paksa hidayah balik!
nak visit terengganu; nak makan ikan bakar, seafood...
nak pergi klcc! tengok wayang, makan pop corn yang sedap..
nak naik lrt. dekat luar stesen lrt ada gerai buah - nak makan mangga cicah serbuk asam. *terliur. aku puasa ni.. =.=!*
nak makan ABC lagi! and laksa. and nasik kerabu.. semualah nak makan! everyday is eating-day.
nak masak2 kat rumah. kat rumah ada blender kecik... ada kelapa. kat sini ada serbuk santan jek. chehhh. *ok, makan lagi. dah2 pasal makan*
oh ada 2 ekor kucing kat rumah.
nak gi tengok2 uni mana Aishah masuk nanti...
sarah nak pmr, hafiz nak upsr. tolonglah jangan mintak ajar, serious lupa. ;p

tak sabarnya nak balikkkkkk..... tahun depan.

takpe2. bak kata umi, pejam celik pejam celik dah next year dah. :>

Friday, January 22, 2010

Status abang.

1) Mana tak touching nak balik??
2) Jiwang itu keturunan. ;p
3) Benda ni status semalam/kelmarin. Saya memang dah nekad tak nak balik tu dah seminggu lepas dah. Abang oh abanggg..... =.=!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let's Grow Old Together.

Are you bored of the looks in my eyes that still see just you?
Are you bored of listening to my voice repeating "I love you"?
With the same old words
The same old person
Will you get sick of it?
I want to tell you I love you
Over and over and over and over, to remind your heart
Tell only you, only you, only you, to reassure your heart
No matter how long
I'll never have a change of heart.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Spring class will start on 25th of Jan; which is 1 week away.
I have 1 week. And now, I am studying.
I'm learning THAILAND language - just started off with the alphabets. **I should learn how to spell before I start using the dictionary kan? ;)
Trust me, it's HARD HARD HARD.
There are 44 consonants and 32 vowels.
And there are categories... In consonant there are low, medium, high... And, Sonorant finals, stop finals... Initial sounds, final sounds. Which, I still don't know how these categories function. Tapi macam arab la, ada huruf ni huruf ni dengung, ada berapa harakat, etc. There's this description (I think it was trying to mean 'dengung', "If you touch your Adam's apple (larynx) while you say Thai syllables with these consonants at the end you will feel a vibration".)
Well, rajinnya kan? But I seriously am soo bersemangat!

Learning new language is fun. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sherlock Holmes.

I went to the cinema during my trip to New York, to watch Sherlock Holmes.
Everyone kept talking about the the movie after it ended.
So, someday, I definitely will watch it again!
Because I have no idea what the movie is about and no one's saying it's a bad movie!
Okay lah, I felt asleep during the movie (actually, even before the movie started!)
It was a long day and I was tired and I was sleepy when waiting for the movie.
I woke up when the movie was on, twice. And I tried to grasp what the scene was about. I just... Didn't understand at all and I didn't know (&& still don't know) any of the character's name.
So I tried to stay awake but it didn't last for even 5 minutes. I fell asleep again.
The two times I woke up, I saw the scene.. Well, the first scene, I didn't understand at all. It was definitely weird though... (sebab saya tak faham! hahaha) And the second time, was the bombing scene...

So, that was my review for Sherlock Holmes (IF it can even be called as review. tapi macam tak je) I rate the movie as 4 - 4 1/2 star maybe? (tapi based on people's reaction towards the movie jela. hihi)

And I rate myself as a 1 star watcher. I'm a BAD watcher when I'm sleepy so please don't bring me to midnight movies unless I had my coffee? =.='

**Now jangan wonder lah kenapa ym saya selalu idle. Okay? ^^

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Same old bloggy. (ahah! sejak bila plak bloggy2 nih? mcm froggy.. =.=')
Just with different background color....
And so I changed the color of this and that.....
Then tukar2 lagi... Dan tukar lagi........ Dan lagi...............


I just ruined my blog kan? *sigh*

Monday, January 11, 2010

Umi dan Abah.

Now just tell me why I would love them less? :)

*Well. I wasn't pleading. Not at all. Umi said, "Umi tak cakap apa2 pun kat abah. Abah balik2 terus abah cakap, kalau flight murah kena book cepat2 kan? (berbisik) *lagipun 3 bulan kan*." So I don't know. Still I was kinda guilty. But the truth is - I'll be alone. But I haven't checked with Kak Jeeta yet if she'll be around. *off topic* but still, my parents are the best! Whether or not I'm going back. :D Just knowing they want me to be around too makes me all... *touchy*. :')

balik ke tak??

Ya Allah, nak balik ke taknak??? *okay, mesti la nak. tapi patut balik ke tak??
So, Summer break will start on 20th of May. And will end I don't know when but someday around 18th of August - approximately 3 months!!
So.. Here are the reasons why I should go home.

@ The break's 3months... Duhh. Means, 3months at Malaysia. Siapa taknak?
@ My kakak ipar is giving birth in May. I'm having my first twin niece/nephew/niece + nephew.
@ Raya kat Malaysia.
@ Hidayah is flying off to India this year, insyaAllah. So I should see her for the last time before she fly to India?
@ Makngah's coming home from Arab too. And Pah.
@ Aisya's going back to Malaysia and kak Jeeta, she'll probably travel to Texas, and Nushrat (my housemate too) will absolutely go back to her home (in Maryland). So I'll be alone for almost 3months... :<

And this will be the reason why I shouldn't go home.

@ I'm planning to take this course which is a prerequisite to a course I am planning to take for Fall 2010.

That's the only but a very8 strong reason why I shouldn't go home.
Right now, I'm still thinking that the 1 and only reason is winning against the 6 reasons. Though my heart is telling me so badly to go home.....

Peninglahh.... Wut do u think??? :(