Friday, January 15, 2010

Sherlock Holmes.

I went to the cinema during my trip to New York, to watch Sherlock Holmes.
Everyone kept talking about the the movie after it ended.
So, someday, I definitely will watch it again!
Because I have no idea what the movie is about and no one's saying it's a bad movie!
Okay lah, I felt asleep during the movie (actually, even before the movie started!)
It was a long day and I was tired and I was sleepy when waiting for the movie.
I woke up when the movie was on, twice. And I tried to grasp what the scene was about. I just... Didn't understand at all and I didn't know (&& still don't know) any of the character's name.
So I tried to stay awake but it didn't last for even 5 minutes. I fell asleep again.
The two times I woke up, I saw the scene.. Well, the first scene, I didn't understand at all. It was definitely weird though... (sebab saya tak faham! hahaha) And the second time, was the bombing scene...

So, that was my review for Sherlock Holmes (IF it can even be called as review. tapi macam tak je) I rate the movie as 4 - 4 1/2 star maybe? (tapi based on people's reaction towards the movie jela. hihi)

And I rate myself as a 1 star watcher. I'm a BAD watcher when I'm sleepy so please don't bring me to midnight movies unless I had my coffee? =.='

**Now jangan wonder lah kenapa ym saya selalu idle. Okay? ^^


eshad phantom said...

hahaha..tido je taw..
krg dtg r habit asyik minum kopi dye tu..

ct.mashitah said...

haha. xdela..
buat mase ni x la. dh start klas nnti msti start blk. haha ;p

eycapiq said...

haha, tu laa. lain kali kalau rasa mls2 takyah tgk. kkk mmg cmni. tenga tgk wyg pun leh tido bgun tido bgun lagii. haha. mcm kat uma jek..'kkk bgun!!' kkk jwb : '5 minit 5minit..'

ct.mashitah said...

dh tu kang kakak sorg2 kt ny x tgk wyg, kne kidnap kang cmane?? haiyoo.

ps: kat rumah kakak JE (kcuali umi ngn abah) yg bgn awl kottt. hahahah. bkn yg "5minit 5minit" tu aishah ke? buat2 xtau pulekkkk. hahahhahahaha