Monday, January 11, 2010

balik ke tak??

Ya Allah, nak balik ke taknak??? *okay, mesti la nak. tapi patut balik ke tak??
So, Summer break will start on 20th of May. And will end I don't know when but someday around 18th of August - approximately 3 months!!
So.. Here are the reasons why I should go home.

@ The break's 3months... Duhh. Means, 3months at Malaysia. Siapa taknak?
@ My kakak ipar is giving birth in May. I'm having my first twin niece/nephew/niece + nephew.
@ Raya kat Malaysia.
@ Hidayah is flying off to India this year, insyaAllah. So I should see her for the last time before she fly to India?
@ Makngah's coming home from Arab too. And Pah.
@ Aisya's going back to Malaysia and kak Jeeta, she'll probably travel to Texas, and Nushrat (my housemate too) will absolutely go back to her home (in Maryland). So I'll be alone for almost 3months... :<

And this will be the reason why I shouldn't go home.

@ I'm planning to take this course which is a prerequisite to a course I am planning to take for Fall 2010.

That's the only but a very8 strong reason why I shouldn't go home.
Right now, I'm still thinking that the 1 and only reason is winning against the 6 reasons. Though my heart is telling me so badly to go home.....

Peninglahh.... Wut do u think??? :(


aB!d said...

aq rase yg raya tue x sempat..even tahun 2011 pn raya 31ogos..inikan plak tahun 2010..

travel je r..nnt aq travel g sana sapa nk bwk pusing2?? kau kn dh expert tmpt2 kat sana..

coco said...

haha. we have the same prob here.. i need to take summer clss to enter business my solution is, balik malaysia skjp before summer clss, insyaAllah i get both benefits, blk msia n amek summer clss..but one thg to regret, flight mhl..better klu nk bli book awl2 ;))

nwy, blk je la if u really wnt to..nxt year, xyh amek summer klas..blk lama2 bcoz smpt raya n puasa..this year xsmpt raya ;)

it's up to you..better book tiket now if u wnt to go bck masyi..nanti jd decide cpt2 n weigh up both pros n cons.. ;) gdluck!

ct.mashitah said...

wahid - x sempat eh?? haih. xpela x balik la. haha :)) meh la dtg, ak ngn ashraf myb x balik kot.. blh la kot bwk jln2.

coco - drpd ko balik kejap2, nape x balik mase winter je? tmbh2 plak tmpt korg kn winter sjuk?

slmt berusaha carik flight. insyaAllah blh jumpe yg murah punye.. :)

korg - tq. :)

eshad phantom said...

balik je...
jagn fikir2 lagi..

ct.mashitah said...

isy eshad..... blanje la gitu. haha