Thursday, June 10, 2010

finally, updating.

Nothing much's going on. Just had the weirdest birthday where I had the moment where I smiled a lot and cried a lot. Well, just who wouldn't cry when their father say "In my heart, you will always be my little girl" kan? :p

I baked my own birthday cake -yay- ! I won't spend another $20 for cold stone cake...

And owh! Someone said I looked thinner! *aisya ehem2* It's weird I lost my appetite for couple of days... I FORGOT to eat. There had been many times too when the food leftovers and rice go straight inside the bin. Sebab takde aisya yang selalunya berusaha sama menghabiskan. And I tend to eat smaller portion of rice when aisya's not here?

See I have a new layout! Layout blog kali ni mengingatkan saya dengan beg polka dot yang selalu saya pakai kat intec. pfft. :p

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ibnuazlan said...

Pergh, cair giler ayat ayah ko. Nice!