Friday, April 22, 2011

I have something with "rasa2 mcm ni" but ended up buat mcm lain. And that very first instinct, sometimes, is right. And I'll feel AWFUL like right now. I feel awful enough during the exam, and going against my instinct. (I've seen similar question before, so my instinct was telling me, the answer should look something like the question I've done before). But silly me, for pondering into the text book even more (the exam was open text) and sort of looking for more rigid solution. I ended up doing something wrong. Which makes me feel 1000 times more awful now. (The professor emails the exam solution, like 3 hours after the exam. I shouldn't have looked at it.)

I looked at the solution right after the 10th episode of 49 Days, which is the last episode uploaded with English subtitle. Gahhh X(


dj said...

semalam aku makan maggi asam laksa teringat ko masa kita makan maggi malam2 buta n ko letak perencah tu kat sudu!

ct.mashitah said...

er......... :> aku sorg je kn buat cmtu? haha :P

Adib said...

haha sekarang dah kuar episod 11. pergi tgk nnt lupalah pasal exam tu haha