Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A week before Thanksgiving holiday :D


*Random here and there all random ALL*

Recently, I've been rather... Negative. I don't know what's bugging me. My emotions are all tangled up on everything for no reason. I even hate the online novel that I so love. Just because, I keep on mocking in myself that the story's not true, and all the sweet lovey dovey stuff, I don't see that in anyone's marriage after 5 years. It's not always 'sugarly' sweet. So I feel like I'm reading some made-up story that I wish would happen to me but no, it might not happen to me.

Also, I have a lot of things going on (academic things that have due dates :\). Apparently I can't stay awake after 7:00 pm I don't know why. Maybe because of winter? So a lot of things get postponed. Not good. I'll try to improve on that insyaAllah, and get things done asap.

I also somehow get obsessed again with skin and pimple. I don't have like clean smooth skin. I used to have serious pimple problem, eventually I became the 'tester' for a lot of products to see which one works. I found one though, so adik2 semua tak payah testing2 dah pakai apa kakak pakai je. Introducing --- Dalacin T!! It worked for about 2,3 years for me, and probably my skin got immuned to that so I stopped using it completely. And.... The pimples came back. But usually only one or two at a time.
--> Conclusion: I started using it again.

Jalan-jalan for Thanksgiving break yeayyy :D I'm planning to visit Williamsburg, a place where the residence wear a certain era's clothing. Renaissance era? O.o Haha entah. Yes, that. Anddd... Black Friday shopping. I'm planning to pick out some things for umi and my sisters, and probably nothing for me. Because... Maybe because I don't really mind branded stuff, as long as it's beautiful and economical. Hopefully I can find some stuff for close friends circle untuk bawak balik soon insyaAllah.

Scrap previous wishlist. I have 2 handbags that I rarely use, and a phone/ipod with time on it so I don't need 60 dollars watch for now. Told you I'm economical.

*Before I started becoming very gloomy and angry for this semester:

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